When your catalogs become live, Active customers all over India will be able to view and purchase your products.

There are a number of things you can do to attract customers and generate momentum for your business.

  • List more Catalogs

Usually it take 5-7 catalogs to get initial orders on the platform. The more catalogs you upload, the better your chances will be of getting initial orders.

  • Set a Right Price

Make sure to consider the costs associated and the margin that you want to keep, while setting up the perfect price for your products. It is recommended that the pricing that you set for your products should be competitive so that buyers find it more appealing than other brands.

You can also use our Price recommendation tool to get suggestions on competitive prices for your product with respect to market demands. You can use this recommended price to adjust the price at which you list your catalog and maximise your chances of getting orders.

  • Right Trend

Customers always prefer updated price. So, try to list trending products with updated price to get successful.